Excuse my absence.  Balancing school, recovering from a hospital trip, and life has kept me pretty busy.  Today consists of some points that I will keep close throughout this year.

Rely on God… Not People

Being sick reminded me that God will give the final answer in EVERYTHING.  Doctors said some of the scariest things that I ever heard about my health.  Anxiety increased and stress became a part of my life.  My nights consisted repeating Psalm 91 until God’s peace put me to sleep.  I finally picked myself up and believed the declarations  the Bible had written over my life.

Try Really, Really Hard

School was difficult.  Being halfway done with the semester, I was interrupted by my health.  My GPA relied on whatever efforts and strength I had left from that experience.  I focused on surrounding myself with those who were school-oriented and studied my butt off.  Thankfully, I raised my GPA and I’m more inspired to do better in academics.  After seeing what I could accomplish after really giving 100%, I can’t wait to set goals and see them flourish.

Meet New People

This is one of my greatest fears.  “What if they don’t like my opinions?” “What if I get rejected?”  The “what ifs” are invalid.

Live Risky

My grandfather is a great example of this.  He has cirrhosis and has been recently diagnosed of cancer.  Many people were waiting for his death to arrive…  there is no way this man is still alive.  The only thing that I can explain is his desire to live.  He is limited to a wheelchair and the care of my grandmother, but he still makes his jokes and still takes the opportunities to leave the house to spend time with family or go to places.

 Don’t Be Normal

What will you gain when you try to be like others?  Average.  That is all. I’m weird.  My jokes are funny to children and… I’m not really sure who else, haha.  But that is who I am.  I will not let anyone disapprove of who I am because they desire to do so.

Surround Yourself with People who Inspire you.

Really great people have mentors and support.  This means put yourself out there.  This year, I will challenge myself to be with people who inspire me.  To everyone- be LOUD, express what you love, display your passions and show everyone who you are.   Your support will only uplift, not degrade who you are.

Be excited for this new year, because I am!



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