A Little of A Lot

Hi there lovely!

A lot people may be asking… why is this girl starting a blog?!  Well, here are my reasons:

1.  I would love to improve my writings skills.  Of course, what better way to do this than in a blog!?  As college continues, I am realizing the writing is very important in my major (durr!), and practicing will surely help!

2.  There a lot of things that goes through my mind on a daily basis. Therefore, I will express it via this BLOG!

A little about me:

I am currently a student at the University of Houston studying Organizational/Corporate Communications with a minor in Business Administration.  I have two siblings- a brother named Johnny and a sister named Britney.  We are all completely different; it astounds me that we are related.  Matthew is the name of my lovely boyfriend.  He is simply amazing!  Finally, I love all things shopping, nails, discovering new things, finding great places (restaurants), DIY’s, photographs, and did I mention shopping?

Here you will see spontaneous happenings, a DIY here and there, and some thoughts that run through my brain.  Hope you enjoy viewing this blog as much as I enjoy creating it!



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