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Well, a lot has happened in such a short year. I think the best part of the ending of a year reflecting how far we’ve come, what was accomplished, and a new horizon lies ahead, no matter what. I’ve heard a lot of negativity on social media about 2016, contrary to the belief, it actually did not suck. Yes, it had its ups and downs, highs and lows, but there is nothing I wish to be different. Here are my favorite moments, or highlighted times of 2016:

New York! I traveled 4th of July weekend to New York. The trek was a party of 1, luckily my friend, Kayla, lived in Harlem so I got to stay with her and tag along. The trip consisted of visiting museums, seeing monumental areas, getting lost, and eating, a lot of EATING. Check out my food guide here and here.


Photo: Kayla

Topshop! I got to host a blogger event at Topshop, one of the coolest stores in my humble opinion. There is nothing like being in a community that supports each other. When we have event, we have a ball.


Photo: This Lavender Life

Goodbyes. This year my family and I got to say goodbye to Papa Calo and my two chihuahuas. I miss them a lot, and it’s weird to know they aren’t here anymore, like the concept is hard to grasp. The three days of their deaths run vividly in my head. You can see Bella one last time here.


Health. In July of 2015 I was told that I no longer had IBS (what a funny yet horrible thing). I was diagnosed in 2013 and was told that this condition was chronic. This lead to multiple trips to the hospital, drastic weight loss, and a total change in diet. Cheers to not looking like a skinny mini and eating everything I want (although I would love to go gluten free again). You can read what I was going though here.

Model. Hehe, I never though myself of a model, nor I thought I was ever pretty enough or tall enough! Thanks to my friend, Val, I modeled at her holiday fashion show. Check out the fun here!


Photo: Exposure 8 Creatives

Frida. I collaborated with Holly’s Bouquet to recreate a modern Frida Kahlo look. It was truly amazing, and I’m so happy I got to do it! View the photos here.

Modern Day Frida Kahlo - Hey! Wendy Vanessa

Photo: Mossy and Tea

Marriage. Not me, lol. But my baby brother! We trekked to Austin, Texas to attend, and stand in, the most beautiful wedding ever! I’m going to add some more photos here.



15731982_10154318475697635_4006322789966793222_o IMG_6642

Photo: Rachel Meagan Photography


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