California Outfit Round Up Part 1

California Outfit Round Up


Since I was gone for 2 weeks straight, I couldn’t possibly do outfit shoots for every photo. Ok, maybe I could, but honestly, I kinda wanted to vacation. Therefore, I have snapshots of my outfits with direct links. Some have *** which means it is either under $50 or it is a petite piece.

Packing is hard! I believe it’s difficult because I tend to overpack and try to think of the last minute scenarios that could possibly happen. Granted, a couple of years ago, I went to Kenya for about two weeks and I had ONE luggage (and I think it was a carryon). If I could do it then, well, I can do it now! I’m traveling some more soon, and of course, there will soon be a blog post in regards to packing light. Sorry for going on my tangent, let’s get back to the outfits… I packed for 2 weeks, and for practically every season God ever created. There will be an array of pieces, so if you’re already in the midst of hot temperature or freezing somewhere, you are all set for some fashion inspo!

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I’m going to have to do a part one and part two series because there are a lot of pieces!

California Outfit Round Up

Top: (C/O- Tutu Cute) // Shoes under $50***// Black denim petite***

California Outfit Round Up

Denim choker with chain C/O Colgate Optic White // Off the shoulder under $50***// Culottes (C/O Dani) under $50*** // Heels

PC: New Mom in a New Era

California Outfit Round Up California Outfit Round Up

Adidas joggers // Rain boots // E-tip gloves under $50*** // Jacket (similar) under $50*** // High neck sweater under $50***

California Outfit Round Up

Denim jacket // Peplum top under $50*** // Denim jeans petite*** // Purse (C/O Brio & Co) // Shoes // Scarf (C/O Stitch Fix)

California Outfit Round Up

California Outfit Round Up

Top– C/O Tutu Cute // Black jeans // Shoes

Photographer: Matthew Daniel


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