DIY Bridal Proposal

DIY Bridal Proposal

Hey y’all!

Yay for wedding planning season! This stage is so exhilarating, exhausting, and very very exciting. My life revolves around planning our wedding and my mind is constantly thinking about getting married. IT’S CRAZY Y’ALL. Like, how in the world do people do this??? Thankfully, Matt is a big help and we practically have the really big things done, I think we just need to get to the details and small stuff… but who knows? Maybe we do have a lot to do?

I really enjoy inviting my closest friends with me on this journey. This makes the experience so much more fun and enjoyable, they really do make me feel like a bride! Follow along to see what I gifted my bridesmaids and some tips for your bridal proposal!

After a long, long time of researching what to gift my friends for their bridal proposal, I decided to create my own gift. (There are honestly many ways to ask!) I am super particular about the gifts I get, I sometimes can be like this when I give gifts too. So, I created my own little gift box to give to all my besties.

Succulent: They are so fun- you get to put them in a fun little pot and watch them grow! Who doesn’t like to get a succy? I got a couple from Sun and Moon Succulents. Sydney delivered them to me the day I started asking my friends, which was perfect!

Smith’s Rosebud Salve Tub: I am obsessed with this brand, it is gentle on the lips and really hydrating.

Lapcos Metallic Sheet Mask: I had two options for these – (Honey) Nourish and (Pearl) Brightening

Mario Badescu Facial Spray: OMG this facial spray is a classic. You can find one in my makeup bag, car, house. Literally, I live for this.

Valuspa Mini Candles: I really do believe this brand is underrated, the scents are soft and they are perfect for a room or bathroom. I gave them either the Macaron, Prosecco Bellini, or Saijo Persimmon.

Proposal card: I got this card from Paper Source! Honestly, I was looking at many different choices online, especially Etsy, but I decided to check out Paper Source before I placed my order. These were perfect!


  • Buy the gifts in bulk- I got the candles in sets of three and the Lapcos Sheet masks came in a set of five.
  • Ask your girlfriends the same week- I really tried to meet them up back to back just so the element of surprise was still fresh.
  • Take time to write something meaningful- I hate writing in cards, it’s just really hard for me to do. But I did really try to sit and think about why I really value them in my life.
  • Purchase from a store that offers free gift boxing- Most of my items were from Anthropologie, so I just grabbed the boxes and tissue from there and boxed them up at home!



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