Dressing Up in Metallics

Dressing Up in Metallics


You know what is super fun?? Getting together with your friend, coordinating outfits, getting your makeup done by Savannah, and taking some fun photos. I got to do this with Anthropologie Highland Village’s Personal Stylist, Haili! Haili has been styling Anthro’s Highland Village for a couple of months now she also has a blog, All Ze Details, which will revamp soon! She has styled many people, including ceremonies, galas, and events! We would occasionally run into each other, but never had the chance to meet up or hang out. We had to make fashion an excuse for us to get to know each other a little better. What better way right?

Honestly coordinating outfits with Haili was so easy. We both have different styles, she is femme, a lover of Marie Antoinette, and I love to keep everything simple and easy. Both of our outfits represent just that. When I picked out my tunic and gold pants, I was well satisfied with the outcome. Hail later suggested I add a pop of something, so the earrings and clutch were added. Haili’s dress was also as effortless as it looks, and guess who suggested pink shoes over neutral ones? Meee.

Also, getting my makeup done was a breeze with Savannah. She gave me a look that was not too crazy or out of my range and tips on how to better my own technique. There is a vital way to know if your MUA knows what she is doing… let her do your eyebrows. My eyebrows kinda suck, not going to lie. So when Savannah was doing mine, I was in complete shock when she shaped them perfectly. I can barely do that on a good day haha. Now that is real talent! If you need any make up done, contact her (just send her a DM)!

If you ever wondered who would wear metallics and look good in it, here are two great looks!

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Dressing Up in Metallics Dressing Up in Metallics

Giggling in between every shot with Haili.Dressing Up in Metallics Dressing Up in Metallics

You can tie a knot to add dimension to your outfit or leave the tunic as is. Dressing Up in MetallicsThis look is perfect for the beach or a night out in a hot day. Dressing Up in Metallics

Loving my earrings from Elaine Turner!
Dressing Up in Metallics

This dress is beautiful on anyone! I’ve seen it worn on three different people and they look great!
Dressing Up in Metallics Tassels are so in right now. Get these earrings at Elaine Turner!Dressing Up in MetallicsI’m obsessed with my clutch and this gorgeous purse!
Dressing Up in Metallics

Get the look:

Photographer: Matthew Daniel

MUA: Savannah  Schreiber


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  1. April 26, 2017 / 2:06 pm

    LOOOOVE these outfits Wendy! You look stunning & your earrings are to-die-for! xoxo

    • wendy
      April 30, 2017 / 1:31 am

      Yay! I totally thought of you when I tried them on!

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