Goodbye Winter!

Goodbye Winter!

Wow! It has been a GREAT winter for Wendy Vanessa. I’ve learned so many things about blogging and cannot wait to see what next season holds. My blog isn’t an outlet to display myself; it’s an outlet to inspire you! With that being said, I want to highlight some personal accomplishments that have made my heart glow.

1. My dear friend Priscilla, who has an AMAZING blog, added me to her inspiration board!!! Priscilla, you inspire me! Your passion for traveling and missions is jaw-dropping. Y’all, when it comes to authenticity – Priscilla is your girl. Check out her blog to see the adventures she has taken and enter into Priscilla’s world. 

Here I am again!

2. I had the honor of meeting an up and coming blogger who is a fan of this blog. (I say this humbly… Because I am extremely honored.) We met up for coffee and to chit chat about blogging. I had the best time! She is currently in Europe, conquering the college student dream. Check out her blog to see what she does there!

3. I went to an awesome blogger conference called Thrive for Bloggers. To be honest, I didn’t feel worthy enough to go. But I got to have some insightful one-on-ones with bloggers like Ashley, Jenny, and Kristyn. These ladies were the sweetest and want to see the rest of us thrive as bloggers. I left motivated and inspired!

Photo courtesy of Meg.

4. Wut wut! I got a feature on Culture Map! This was so exciting and honoring and flabbergasting and everything in between! 

5. Shop Wendy Vanessa was a success. Basically I opened an Instagram account with some clothes that stayed in my closet for way too long. So they were put to good use and sold to awesome gals around town. I thank everyone who participated. Another Shop Wendy Vanessa will be coming in the future! I thank Sam for being my awesome model!

With that being said, goodbye winter. It’s been a good season and I thank you for the wonderful opportunity.

More fun and exciting things are to come this spring. Can’t wait!!



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