My First Facial EVER

June 5, 2017
My First Facial EVER


I was sponsored a free facial from Mirieffect Skincare in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

Y’all. I’m 25 years old and I just now had my first facial ever!!! Like what is wrong with me? I feel like I am such a newb, but idk, maybe I’m not. I’ve always had pretty clear skin… thank the LORD. I only get pimples when my period is going to roll around and my face maintenance is horrible. I mean, I barely remove my makeup at night or wash it. It’s realllyyyy bad, I’m trying though! But, I’m learning more and improving my habits for sure!

Ok, so what are my skin concerns? That is actually a really good question. I never had to think about it until the day I went for my facial. So what I learned was wrinkles are my enemies, I hate having wrinkles, and I want to prevent that. I have three wrinkles right now-one in between my eyebrows and two smiling wrinkles. Welp. Am I off to a positive start?

The location is inside the Gallery Salon. Imagine a Costco for beauty. It is filled with private mini spaces with multiple salons. Onyi, the technician, graciously guided me to her salon. Going in, I was treated with relaxing music and dim lights. I filled out a questionnaire ranging from my stress level to drinking habits. Then I changed into a towel and was asked a couple more questions. I learned that my face was a bit dehydrated and was given tips to improve and nourish my dry skin. Then, I was blasted with the steamer in my face. Haha, ok not blasted. It felt oddly satisfying. Like your pores were becoming vulnerable to the world. This feeling was definitely new. I was given the Miri Signature Facial. I recommend this for any beginners. My eyes were closed. I was given about 5 facial steps and a massage! Then, it was over. Wahh. My face felt like a baby’s bum.

 IMG_9510 My First Facial EVER My First Facial EVER My First Facial EVER

What to expect what you’re getting a facial:

  • Relax. I almost fell asleep.
  • Clothes. You take off your shirt and tuck your bra under a towel.
  • Minimal discomfort. This only happens when your blackheads and pimples are being removed.

(Side note: I had a dream last night about getting a facial. My blackheads were being removed, and someone was recording, focusing on my blackheads being squeezed out and posted on social media. Ewwww wtf!)

Three tips I learned from my very first facial:

  • Drink water.
  • Sunscreen – at least 30 spf
  • Get a facial every month.

Who should get a facial:

  • You
  • Men
  • Teens

Bottom line, everyone should get a facial, Onyi caters to any skin concern from any and all ages. She gave my first experience a two thumbs up! I’m going back for sure and I want my next treatment to be a back facial. I mean, summer is here, gotta keep that back looking nice!

Check out MiriEffect Skincare if you are in near the Stafford area to get your facial too!

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