My Weekly Skin Routine + A Giveaway

My Weekly Skin Routine + A Giveaway


I love showing my favorite makeup and tools, but I haven’t blogged about keeping my face so… fresh and clean?? Haha. I want to show you some of my favorite skin care products that I’ve been using for quite some time. Oh yea, I have a special giveaway for you! So don’t forget to scroll down all the way to the bottom!

My Weekly Skin Routine

Alright, so I usually do this routine on my skin once a week or every other week. I used to not worry about my face, particularly because I did not know how important it was (also the amount of make up I wore merely required a bar of soap to get the job done). Since I started wearing more makeup, and gained knowledge on the importance of skin care, I decided it is best to take care of it more often.

Let us get started!

I start off with my current favorite- the Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel. This is basically washes off my makeup, dirt, and everything nasty from my face. It’s a soft texture and has a light scent to it, I would say it is best for all skin types. It will not form suds, so don’t think it is not “cleaning properly.”IMG_0575

Next, I apply my current favorite exfoliate from Apothederm, the Facial Enzyme Exfoliant. I use this to scrub off the excess skin cells and to really get the extra step into cleaning my face. This has more of a citrus scent, so it smells great! After I rub it gently on my face, I rinse of everything with water. You will see a significant difference in the texture of your face, it feel as smooth as a baby’s bottom… haha.  Sometimes, if I feel a bit lazy, I solely use the scrub in the shower.

My Weekly Skin Routine

My Weekly Skin Routine

Finally, I apply the Origins Active Charcoal Mask. I get a lot of blackheads on my nose, ew, so this mask helps to pull those blackheads from my pores. My face has to dry in order for the formula to properly work. Maybe everyone else knew that, but just a heads up haha. Depending on my mood, I apply it to my face, other than that, I focus on the “problem areas” aka my nose. After it completely dries and hardens, I rub it off with a warm and wet washcloth.

My Weekly Skin Routine

My Weekly Skin Routine

That is all! My Weekly Skin Routine


My face feels smooth and pretty.

What’s your favorite skin regimen?


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