New York Eats! (Part 2)

New York Eats! (Part 2)

This is a continuation of New York Eats! For a complete list, refer to the first post, then come on over here.

Random recommendation: It’s hard to go to every place in your wish list, but it’s great to have. For example, if your walking down the street, you can actually run into the places! That happened to me a couple of times actually! Now, there are some places that you will go, no matter what, I would say make a reservation or schedule your time around it (some waiting periods are up to 3 hours!)


After many days of eating unhealthy, Kayla and I needed something to make us feel better about our food choices. Westville is the place to go for that! They serve vegetarian food and everything is as fresh as can be. I was overwhelmed by the choices that I regret not having their tea- this will be the first place I will go to next time.

Location: Manhattan (Chelsea)

What I got: lamb sausage & eggs with potato hash

New York Eats! (Part 2)

Dominique Ansel Bakery

Cronut. Is there anything else that I have to say? While we unfortunately did not make it to get a famous cornut, I did have an amazing dessert. Kayla and I found it while we were walking through South Village and definitely had dessert before dinner haha.

Location: South Village

What I got: Raspberry Key Lime Tart

New York Eats! (Part 2)

Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs

The FAMOUS Nathan’s Hot Dogs. If you’re at Coney Island, this is the first thing you will see once you’re off the subway. I recommend trying the lemonade with any hot dog! It was delicious.

Location: Coney Island

What I got: hot dog with ketchup and mustard

New York Eats! (Part 2)


Acme is the ultimate date night place in NY! Matt referred me to this place and of course, I did go. (Side note- Matt is a foodie, so his recommendations are always gold.) Reservations are not required, but I would say to do so if you want to stay on the safe side. Splurging is a must here, Kayla and I got drinks, apps, and our main dish, we were close to getting dessert, but we were quite full. If you’re on a romantic date night with your boo, go here!

Location: NoHo

What I got: (kale) caesar salad, spaghetti carbonara

New York Eats! (Part 2)

99 cent pizza!

This is the best pizza you will have in your life. Why??? It’s 99 cents, you can find it almost anywhere, it’s delicious, and incredibly huge (of 99 cents)! I was walking to take a quick boat trip and read the words 99 cent pizza, say what??? Yes I stopped by, and at my ginormous pizza along the way.

Location: anywhere (I got mine near Port Authority)

What I got: cheese pizza

New York Eats! (Part 2)


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