Olive Oil- My Secret Weapon

When I think olive oil, I think beauty product.  Although the most common use of olive oil is to cook, I believe it is a secret weapon that can do many other thing! I was introduced to this concept by an amazing friend named Rory.  He suggested using this source for my face as a moisturizer;  I had to be picky – only search for the extra virgin olive oil (cold pressed is recommended, but difficult to find). This type can be found at your local market (for example- Central Market or Whole Foods, etc…).

The following is to describe the uses and benefits of olive oil in which I have experienced.  Hopefully for your use and benefit too!


My hair is mad at me.  I dye it at least every other month and about 2 years ago I bleached it all (in order to show of a desired color).  I straighten it at least twice a week and blow-dry it even more.  Therefore my hair is mad.  The description of my hair (pre-olive oil) goes as followed…  straight, frizzes up after washing, no volume, and thick.  Do not get me wrong- I love my hair!  Basically, I condition my hair with olive oil at LEAST once a month, leaving my hair bouncy, soft, shiny, and with volume!  My hair is no longer limp or brittle.

Makeup Remover

I have tried my fair share of makeup removers, all ranging from different brands and prices.  Most products irritate my skin, or scarcely removes my makeup.  Nothing satisfied me.  I tried olive oil on my face and it took EVERYTHING off! From light to heavy makeup, everything.   I simply apply a small dab on my finger, apply the olive oil to my face, and wipe everything off with a cloth.  Try it for yourself!


Seriously, I am obsessed with olive oil.  Not only do I use it to remove makeup, but also use it before I apply my makeup! (Ok… and after removing makeup too.)  I treat is as a moisturizer.  I apply olive oil to my face every morning and night just to keep my skin soft and hydrated.  The product does not irritate my face, or make it too glossy/shiny.   I apply some to my hands, arms, and legs if I cannot find my lotion.  The best part: it is practically free!

I love all things natural, therefore love olive oil.  I carry it around with me everywhere; it is one of the first go-to products (literally it’s next to my bed).  Tell me, what is your go-to product?




  1. Elizabeth
    October 4, 2013 / 12:23 pm

    Wendy! …first of all, congratulations on your new blog! I love everything natural also. I really like olive oil! But my favorite product is coconut oil! I love it. I have used it from cooking and baking to moisturizer and make up remover, I have combined it with olive oil and used it as a treatment for my hair, and I could really see the difference! Try it!

    • Wendy
      October 8, 2013 / 11:54 pm

      Thank you Elizabeth! I also love coconut oil! I’m going to definitely try to combine the coconut oil with the olive oil for my hair. Excited to do so!

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