My Weekly Skin Routine

Five Favorite: Makeup Remover

Hello! When it comes to my face, I consider myself very low maintenance. Seriously, I hate washing my face when I get home and I also hate keeping up with facial remedies. Recently, actually this year, I started caring about my face! Therefore, I…

March 24, 2017
California Outfit Round Up

California Outfit Round Up Part 1

Hey! Since I was gone for 2 weeks straight, I couldn’t possibly do outfit shoots for every photo. Ok, maybe I could, but honestly, I kinda wanted to vacation. Therefore, I have snapshots of my outfits with direct links. Some have *** which means…

March 22, 2017
Napa Recap

Napa Recap

Hello! I love having content ready in a consistent basis, so knowing that there is so much preplanned makes me so happy! With that said, here is my last travel post filled with adventure and new discoveries. Don’t worry, I still have more travel…

March 20, 2017
San Francisco Trip - Favorite Destinations

San Francisco Trip – Favorite Destinations

Hi everyone! I’ve created a roundup up on my favorite places of San Francisco. Of course, all the credit goes out to my explorer- Matt. When we travel, he basically compiles a list of places he is interested in going. We set an “unofficial” agenda…

March 17, 2017
Yosemite Trip

Yosemite Trip

Hi everyone! Yesterday, my friends and I took part in a one-day trip to Yosemite. Yes. ONE day. It was a very busy day indeed. I wanted to show you our adventure and give you some advice on what to do if you plan…

March 8, 2017
Find the Perfect Fit with Thirdlove

Find the Perfect Fit with Thirdlove

Happy Monday loves! It will be a busy two weeks for me, I’ll be traveling to California in two days for a blogger conference, then going to meet up with friends and my boo in the Bay area. Make sure to follow my Instagram (@hewendyvanessa)…

February 27, 2017
Playing Dress Up with MontLargo Properties

Playing Dress Up with MontLargo Properties

Do you remember when you were a little girl and played “dress up” and “house.” You would wear your fanciest attire, and pretend you lived in a big house, even friends would visit to play as well? Literally, thanks to MontLargo Properties and Valerie,…

February 24, 2017
Soul Cycle Event Recap

Soul Cycle Event Recap

The journey of staying fit for 2017 has continued. I think starting resolutions is very difficult, mostly because the goals fizzle after about a month. Gladly, I still have been working out and I’m finally getting a rhythm of what my body likes. This…

February 20, 2017
Snack Right with LALA® Yogurt Smoothies

Snack Right with LALA® Yogurt Smoothies

*** Disclosure: this is a compensated campaign in collaboration with LALA® Yogurt Smoothies and #WeAllGrow Latina Network. All opinions are my own. You know how I am trying to create a new lifestyle for my health and body right? It began with finding my…

February 13, 2017
Things to do in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Trip

Writing this blog post has provided two things: hunger, and wanting to book the quickest flight to LA asap. Luckily, I’ll be there in a couple of weeks again, so I am thrilled! I traveled with Matt, and boy does he love going to…

February 1, 2017