Party with Crinkled Velvet Tunic

Party with Crinkled Velvet Tunic

Hey y’all!

It’s such a great day, yea, I’m blogging early in the morning, and I am a morning person, everyday I wake up at least by 6:30, so fuel runs through me by this hour.  There is literally no way I can sleep past 8. On my birthday, I tried to sleep in, yea, no, I was awake and ready for the day by 6:45. I really wanted to gift myself a couple of more hours of sleep, but failed. Any way!

Y’all! I found the best holiday party dress from Anthro the other day and I just can’t get enough! I’ve worn it way too much, yet I know I’m going to pull it out for an upcoming holiday. Ok, so I didn’t know that crinkled velvet was a thing. So, take a look at the details in the dress, and you will learn the difference between “regular” velvet and crinkled. I also have some cute gold heels from Topshop that will work great with this dress, but booties are a bit more relaxing, so whichever works for you! Also, I would accessorize with a short statement necklace if you want to glam up the dress some more!

Ok, so I’m off to ATX to see my baby brother get hitched! Follow me on Snapchat (wendyperez) or IG Story!

Crinkled Velvet Tunic Crinkled Velvet Tunic Crinkled Velvet Tunic Crinkled Velvet Tunic Crinkled Velvet Tunic Crinkled Velvet Tunic Crinkled Velvet Tunic

Get the look:

Photographer: Matthew Daniel


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  1. Amber
    December 29, 2016 / 9:59 pm

    Cute! I love pairing it with booties. Does tge dress have to be dry cleaned or is hand washing a possibility? I just picked this up on sale at my Anyhro & I was curious.

    • wendy
      December 31, 2016 / 1:05 pm

      Thank you!

      I will just take it to they dry cleaner to be on the safe side!

  2. Susan
    November 14, 2017 / 4:45 pm

    You look stunning in this dress! I recently found in second-hand online and am trying to figure out if a small will fit over my hips. Could you share what size you have the dress in? Many thanks!

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