What is your passion? What drives you in the morning to wake up?  I heard from someone that the youth is passionate; that young people are the best to encourage because of their newly born passions and ideas.  I also heard that this passion sometimes goes frail and withers.  Once you accomplish something, the thing you once believed it is gone.  Why does this happen?  Why was something you loved so much before gone?   I believe in refueling.  I believe that the passion you once had will return and boost you higher that you have ever been before.

The reason I say this is because I stopped being passionate.  I hated what I was once passionate for, which grew me to be unmotivated in everything else I did.  But there is always grace, and when I made different decisions, my heart opened towards my passion again.

I write to encourage not only you but myself also.  Remember that God has given YOU dreams and only YOU can fulfill them.  I believe passion is what God has instilled in us to keep moving forward.  Whether you are Christ-fearing or not, you are destined for greatness.

Have you seen people do greater things or things that are unreal? It is because of the passion that has been born, given up on, dreamed about, but most importantly, PURSUED.  Surround yourself with what you believe in and stay focused.

Don’t give up.  You can do it 🙂

– wendy


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