Smells Like Spring! (+ a Giveaway)

Smells Like Spring! (+ a Giveaway)

Hey friends!

Ok. I am a perfume junkie, if you didn’t know, check my previous post. I have so many because I am always in the mood for different scents haha. Let me show you my current two favorite perfumes that just launched at Sephora!

***Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Pinrose, all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links- all proceeds go solely to Hey! Wendy Vanessa.

Pinrose is an eclectic and fun line that comes with notes that are so out of bounds, yet makes you wanting all of the products, seriously! Sephora has selected 20 stores around the country for a soft launch (Memorial City Mall is one of them!), before a larger national roll out occurs later this fall. Don’t worry, their full line is at

I have been wearing their two new scents – Gilded Fox and Wild Child. Gilded Fox is a mix of cocoa and rum! Yep, you read that right. Wild Child is my favorite out of the two though, mostly because it has such a light jasmine and gardenia hint, that I literally melt for. Anything floral is my automatic favorite tbh. The best thing about Pinrose is mixing their perfumes to create a new scent! I like to mix both Gilded Fox and Wild Child. It smells so good together!

So, just for fun, I took my scent quiz to find out which scent best resonates my palette and I got the Charmer fragrance pack! Those include – Cuddle Punk, Pillowtalk Poet, and Secret Genius. When I take my scent quiz I get the option to purchase my own Charmer fragrance pack, so I will get multiple petals of my curated pack just to take with me anywhere.

Take the quiz now and find out what your Pinrose scent is!

Also, you can win your own travel sampler packs (includes two petals of each of Pinrose 2016 fragrances in a cute little pouch, details below)! It is so cute guys.

Smells Like Spring!Smells Like Spring! Smells Like Spring! Smells Like Spring!

Smells Like Spring!

Do you want to win the sample travel pack? It’s so easy to enter!

All you have to do is follow @heywendyvanessa and @pinrosescents and tag as many friends as you would like to get more entries! This will go live today at 6 pm Central Time today 5.2.16 through Friday 5.6.16. Good luck everyone!

Get it now:

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