Soul Cycle Event Recap

Soul Cycle Event Recap

The journey of staying fit for 2017 has continued. I think starting resolutions is very difficult, mostly because the goals fizzle after about a month. Gladly, I still have been working out and I’m finally getting a rhythm of what my body likes. This round, I teamed up with Soul Cycle Memorial to give first-timers a go at cycling.

Soul Cycle Event Recap

Last week, Soul Cycle MEMO invited me and a couple of guest to check out a class, and did we show up and show OUT! It was literally my very first time I hosted an event, who knew it was going to be with a super fun cycling studio! Literally everyone was anxious about their first time cycling. Yea, it is an intense workout, but in the end, everyone enjoyed it. I’m so glad they left pumped.  Soul Cycle Event Recap

If it’s your first time trying Soul Cycle, or Soul Cycle Memorial, I would highly recommend Tanysha. She will make sure you work your hardest and you will be sore for two days, lol trust me, it’s totally worth it.

Soul Cycle Event Recap

Shout out to the sponsors of the event, I truly love the products in the swag bags, and I hope everyone does too!

Soul Cycle Event Recap

SoulCycle Memorial
HS Green: eating healthy and delicious is super easy here. I alway, ALWAYS get their Kale Caesar Salad.
K’pure Naturals: This online shop has great body skin care products- try the Smooch lip balm, and Keep Going facial spray. OH! The deodorant works great too!
BVspa by Bon Vital’: I LOVE the pomegranate lotions and scrubs, I actually have the the scrub as a substitute soap in my bathroom.
Simple Skincare: Usually after a hard days work, or workout, I grab a face wipe and clean my face. This facial wipe does not burn my face(because it has softer fibers), so I love it, and I carry one in my purse, for those “just in case moments.” Also, it has removed my waterproof mascara too!

Thanks to everyone who attended!

Soul Cycle Event Recap

AMRO Takes Houston

Soul Cycle Event Recap


Soul Cycle MEMO

From left to right: SireneWorld, Independent Mami, Truth or Flares, Zblogsinpumps, me!

Why didn’t I take more photos??? Or a group photo?! (There were like 20 of us, dang it!)

First timers: there is a special deal for you! Contact Soul Cycle Memorial to find out more!

Photographer: Matty

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