Styled by Stitch Fix

Styled by Stitch Fix

On my lazy days, I use Stitch Fix…

***Disclosure: I received a Fix in exchange for a review, all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links- all proceeds go solely to Hey! Wendy Vanessa.

Stitch Fix is a style guide that chooses outfits for you and sends them directly to your mailbox. It’s a super easy way to shop, you don’t even have to do more than just type and click. You simply fill out your Style Profile and wait! Once you receive the items, you can choose to keep, or send them back, and you even receive credit and discounts for keeping pieces. The stylist even created different outfit choices from all the items you received, so if you have no idea how to pair something, the stylist already has some amazing recommendations. I recommend being as specific as possible with your wardrobe needs and essentials, trust me, the stylist will meet those expectations!

I noticed I received a lot of casual clothes which I was quite disappointed in. Then I realized it was my fault.. I specifically asked for casual pieces rather than date night/cocktail, which is what I would like to try more of. That is to show the stylist really know what they are doing, and they really pay attention to what you request. I will be trying Stitch Fix again, just to see how they will curate my next Fix. Will you try it with me?

I picked out my favorite pieces and created an outfit from it. I paired the ankle jeans with the spaghetti strap top, then added the cardigan over. My favorite denim right now are the ankle jeans, this one in particular had a zip on each leg. The stylist really hit the jackpot on the jeans! The cardigan I received is a perfect all year piece for me. It is super lightweight and great for either a windy or a hot day. The necklace was gifted from Stitch Fix, and honestly, I’ve been wearing it everywhere!


Styled by StitchFix Styled by StitchFix Styled by StitchFix Styled by StitchFix Styled by StitchFix Styled by StitchFix

Try Stitch Fix yourself and let me know what you think! Remember, be very specific!

Photographer: Matthew Daniel


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