Thanksgiving Outfit + What I’m Thankful For

Thanksgiving Outfit + What I’m Thankful For

Hi friends!

Thanksgiving is this week!!! I’ve yet to figure out what dish I’ll be making, but I sure hope I don’t burn it haha. I can’t believe this year has flown and Thanksgiving is around the corner! In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’ll let you know what I’m thankful for (mostly because if I say this in a public setting, I’ll probably cry).

  1. Family. I love them to pieces, and this year, I got a sister-in-law! Maybe it’s the Hispanic in my talking, but I’m grateful I get to be in a family that is so united and cares for each other so dearly. My parents are the greatest examples of what a couple should be, also they are the most caring and loving people I’ve ever met!
  2. Love. Yea, my bf! I have learned  so much from him this year, he is so selfless and will literally do anything to make my tears go away, he’s pushed me to open up about my feelings, even when I try to shut them out, and if I ask him for anything, he’ll be there no matter what.
  3. Blogging. Thanks to my blog, I’ve made the most incredible and loyal friends through the blogging community, from laughing, to creating crazy memories, to giving each other tips, they rock! Also, I love the fact that Hey! Wendy Vanessa is my little creative corner, where I can do whatever, and I don’t have to apologize!
  4. Friends. About a year ago I asked God to send over some friends that were loyal and loving, and man, did God deliver! I’m thankful that I am surrounded by people who inspire me to be better, creative, and loving.

Thanksgiving outfit inspiration comes from the local Anthropologie. This dress comes in many colors, but I do believe this color is perfect for the fall and Thanksgiving! Houston will not be cold, but if it gets breezy, I recommend wearing a vest over it.

Thanksgiving Outfit Thanksgiving Outfit Thanksgiving Outfit Thanksgiving Outfit Thanksgiving Outfit Thanksgiving Outfit

Dress: Anthropologie // Ring: Bearfruit Jewelry (c/o)

Photographer: Matthew Daniel


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