Tie Front Jumpsuit by Universal Threads

Let’s talk Target!

I did not jump into the Target craze for a longgg time. Reasons why: I’m too petite, the sizes were really hard to find, and the items there are totally not my style. I heard about the newest line (back in February) through PopFashion Podcast and was really curious. Universal Thread is supposed to be an all-size-inclusive brand. They carry denim that is trendy, comfortable, and had a large variety in size. This made me super excited, because Target definitely did not have sizes for me. I strolled over to Target for “gum,” you know the Target motto- go for one thing, leave spending $345.94. As curiosity struck, I leaned over to the women’s section and gradually picked up a jumpsuit IN MY SIZE. Fine, that’s cool, it’s my size, but I highly doubt it will fit. I picked up a couple of other items and, unfortunately, were out of stock in my size. Well, I tried on what I did have, and bam, it’s the best jumpsuit ever!

Now, I’m in love with Target and I am constantly loving their products, and I’m officially into this Target obsession. Yes, I love Target, but there are cons, and I do wish that the con was dumping a large portion of my check to Target. I do, however, buy a lot of shoes at Target. They are great! Like the ones pictured here. I’ve heard some great things about Universal Threads, but I’ve also heard that the brand is not as inclusive as people wished. As a petite gal, I do love the brand and can’t wait to see what else the brand will carry. Last thought- a gal let me know that hers shrunk in the wash, so a warning to all the gals who own this jumpsuit.

Also- my purse is from Mexico, mom got it for me a couple of weeks ago. I am so proud of it!


Target Tie Front Jumpsuit by Universal Threads Tie Front Jumpsuit by Universal Threads Tie Front Jumpsuit by Universal Threads Tie Front Jumpsuit by Universal Threads Target Tie Front Jumpsuit by Universal Threads




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