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Hey! Wendy Vanessa Wedding

Wedding planning can be stressful! If you’re planning one or helping someone with their wedding, I’m adding a couple of tips from what I learned during my wedding season. Basically, this is everything I have posted on my Insta – so you don’t have to scroll through to find them 🙂

TIP 1. Get what you want. (Here’s how!)

LINK HEREHey! Wendy Vanessa WeddingBudgeting for a wedding can be hard, but you can also get what you want and here is how: Set the non-negotiable things you want for your wedding. This decision can be made with your spouse. What do you really want, what does he really want, etc… the key – this non-negotiable did not have a limit in budget. Ahhhh. That can be crazy. But in the end, we decided it would be ok to cut the costs to some things as long as we had the ability to keep what we really wanted.

Yep, my non-negotiable was my florist. I’ve been following @brambleandbee since day one. Literally. I saw her growth as a florist and I KNEW she was the one. When we booked her, we asked for her creative freedom. The only things we wanted to have a say in were colors and a bit of floral design. Maggie and her team brought our venue to life!

TIP 2. 🤵🏽 Partner in crime.

LINK HEREHey! Wendy Vanessa Wedding

I know girls are super involved in the wedding planning. But nope. I wasn’t. Matt literally was a life saver because he planned the majority of the wedding. His eye for things was a big help. All I had to do was let him be as creative as he wanted to be and I got to stand back and enjoy being a bride.

Tip 3. 👰🏽 Say yes to the dress.


Hey! Wendy Vanessa WeddingIt’s ok if it take forever to fall in love with a dress. It’s also ok if you take no one, your family, or all of your bridesmaids. This is your time. Go dress shopping knowing that what you want is going to make you happy and don’t let others approve or disapprove.

The moment I got engaged, I immediately started looking for dresses. I actually had a vision beforehand and that vision stayed with me throughout every boutique I went to. I knew what I wanted and wasn’t satisfied until I found it.

I went with my mom and sister every time except when I said #yestothedress. My family was out of town, so I sent a group text to my bridesmaids to see if they could come last minute. @theheirloomcarrot joined and I’m so glad she went. She’s so good at supporting me and not making me feel pressured. I tried on about 7 dresses and finally was satisfied with the ONE.

In the end I got the dress I always dreamed of!

Tip 4. Have enough time to get ready!


Hey! Wendy Vanessa WeddingYour day is going to be filled with so many things to do, and no matter what, something is going to happen for you to get behind schedule. Enjoy that time to relax, not feel rushed, and really SOAK IT IN. Literally the day flies once you’re walking down the aisle.

Call time for the bridesmaids was 8 am and our ceremony was scheduled to start at 4 pm… yes, it actually started later than scheduled. I’m so happy I spent the day eating snacks, talking to my gals (which meant so much to me), and seeing everything come to life. That time was so much fun, honestly, this part of the day is just as special as the rest of the wedding day.

Tip 5. Culture


Hey! Wendy Vanessa Wedding
Blending two very different cultures was one of our biggest challenges. I say, do what makes you happy and do what makes you uniquely you.

I’m Mexican. He is Indian. We live in Texas. Instead of trying to make everyone happy, we decided to make each other happy and create a well blended cultural experience. We had a little of everything – mariachi, Indian appetizers, Mexican pastries and so many things that were touches of who we were.

Tip 6. HAVE FUN. 


Hey! Wendy Vanessa WeddingWhen it’s all said and done, you only have one day to celebrate your wedding day. Things may not go your way, but at the end of the day, you’re marrying the man of your dreams. So enjoy!

I was a nervous/anxious wreck all day. I had my gals help calm the nerves, but still idk what it was about that day that I was freaking out. Some minor (thank Jesus) things didn’t go our way, but it didn’t matter. When it was all said and done, we were the so happy, the nerves went away, and we soaked in all the joy.


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