We’re Engaged! The Proposal Story

How He Asked

The Setup

A while back the Hispanize team reached out with Mazda to do a photoshoot in LA. I thought, cool, let’s do it! After I told Matt, he immediately said he wanted to go too, it would be a perfect excuse to get away. So here I am super excited about this trip, not knowing a single thing about the engagement.

The Dream Engagement

Disclaimer: I do not have anything against being proposed to in Houston. At all! Traveling was our thing, we did road trips, went to visit family, traveled with friends, you name it! He always joked about proposing in Houston, which made me so mad! Why would he propose in Houston? It would be wayyyy romantic if he took me somewhere we’ve been before. Right? If he joked, I joked right back, saying my answer would be no if he proposed in our hometown.

A month before the proposal I told him, “my dream engagement would be: flying me out to LA, taking me to a beach, and proposing right before the sunset.” He just said ok. With no emotion or expression on his face. Little did I know this was actually in the works for almost two years!!

The Dress

Fast forward to the day before our trip. I was freaking out because I had a feeling he was going to propose and my friend Jordan was insisting on me wearing a dress I originally wanted to wear for the proposal. I was not sure why she wanted me to take it, but in the end, it doesn’t really matter what I’m wearing, as long as I was being proposed to right? Plus my every wardrobe change was in preparation for a proposal. So, whether or not I was being engaged, I took the dress. Aside from the dress, I was really upset because we really do try to keep each other accountable when we travel, so traveling alone was a big no-no. My mind kept asking itself, “why are we traveling alone?” “is he going to propose?” “none of this made sense.

The Day

I told myself before I left my house, I was not going to fight with Matt. We were going to have a great trip, I wasn’t going to mention the engagement (I probably did though) and if it happens, it happens, if it doesn’t, well, we won’t talk about that. For most of the day in LA, I was little sad, but I didn’t try to show it, but he did notice for sure. We went to different little spots, and went to our hotel to change for the “shoot.” I was so nervous yet Matt looked so calm and collected… Ugh, which was a for sure sign that he was not going to propose. My head was spinning.

We arrived in Malibu and went straight to El Matador beach, where we met Carrie. Carrie was so sweet when we went straight to shooting. As we were going down to the beach, a whole lot of weirdness was going on… a naked pregnant lady with the sheerest lace dress was shooting her maternity photos, lots of Instagram models with bikini’s taking photos hoping for their next big break. Honestly, I felt like I was wearing too many clothes haha. The whole time I was confused as to why we did not shoot with the car, but I went with it. I walked back to my car to change to my next outfit… aka the dress! I put on the dress with all of my hopes that a proposal was not going to take place. oh well.

We went back down and Matt started “directing” the shoot, he suggested different places and started getting more involved. This was weird, but just thought it was the photographer in him. Carrie later pulled out rose petals and started placing them on the sand. Still, I had no clue or hope.

All of a sudden, Matt hugs me, tells me that all this was a setup and that he was planning this for a long time. Unfortunately, I do not remember the exact words he said to me. I was literally in shock. I do remember waiting for him to get down on one knee and I literally exclaimed “yes!!!” (Yes, I did the hand on mouth thing… why do all girls do this???) I gave him my hand to put the ring on it, except I gave him my middle finger, not like giving him the bird, instead of my ring finger!!!! Lolz. Seriously, I was way too shaken up, nervous, and giddy. Don’t worry guys, the ring was placed correctly. I didn’t even cry. I was just too happy and excited, although a few people still trickled by, it felt like there was no one else there but the two of us. The night ended with a quick photoshoot and, since we both got dirty from the beach, we ended up going to In and Out for a celebratory dinner.

Thank you so much to everyone who helped make this happen! Mazda and the Hispanicize team for getting me there, Carrie for going along with the plan the whole time, my family who knew everything but didn’t spill a word, Jordan for insisted on taking the dress, and Matt for planning the PERFECT proposal!!

How He Asked

We're Engaged! The Story How He Asked How He Asked How He Asked How He Asked How He Asked






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