3 Hairstyles for Spring

3 Hairstyles for Spring - Hey! Wendy Vanessa


I am now coming from hibernation and I’m ready to BLOOM. This is how much I love Spring and Summer – I’m feeling inspired and ready to have fun with my hair! Here are 3 hairstyles for Spring that you will love! If you try any of them, HMU.

Shout out to Bella from Do Or Dye for helping me with these looks <3 If you need to get your hair done for anything, let her know! I’m going to give you a really simple breakthrough of what Bella did to my hair, if you have questions, or want her to style you up, let her know! She’s the best!

Messy Pony

Everyone loves a ponytail, but a low maintenance one is even better. Honestly, the best way to do this was by using hair elastics – you know the little clear ones you use for braids and stuff, yea those! Bella used it on me and it held up all day! My pony was bouncy and effortless. Tie your pony at the desired height, then curl any part of your ponytail and slowly brush it out. Tease a small amount of hair on the top of the ponytail. Use some hairspray for the flyaways. Don’t forget to add little pieces of hair in front of your face.

Easy Waves

I love me some crimped waves, but for the Spring, I want to have some effortless, easy waves. This is something I have a hard time doing for myself! But what I learned from Bella is to curl your hair in small sections, curl it for a few seconds so your hair won’t be too springy (lol you know what I mean right?), and then slowly brush them out once the hair is cool. I’m going to try it myself tonight.

Baby Pigtails

Growing up, my mom did whatever she wanted with my hair. Which means I was not tender headed, which also means you can do whatever to my hair and I will love it! We love that this style is coming back (I feel old saying this btw). These are so easy to do, honestly the only challenge when you’re doing them is to make sure they are symmetrical. Part two sections of your hair (use your finger to section off your hair if you do not have a fine-tooth comb). Tie each baby pigtail, and spray down the flyaways. You can tease and curl them too for more volume.

3 Hairstyles for Spring - Hey! Wendy Vanessa

3 Hairstyles for Spring - Hey! Wendy Vanessa


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  1. Renee McGruder
    February 23, 2020 / 3:27 pm

    I like the waves!

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