A Getaway House Review

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The perfect quarantine-friendly escape is booking a couple of nights at the Getaway House and being one with nature. The first Getaway House I ever saw was in Georgia and all I wished for it to be in Texas. Soon after Dallas Getaway popped up, then Wimberly! Getaway in Wimberley was so brand new, I HAD to know what the hype was about.

This trip was planned in March, as a birthday gift to Matt. In general, June is a super busy month, and leaving town after the craziness is always planned. So as part of his birthday gift, we booked two nights at Getaway House in Wimberley.

The one thing we didn’t know when booking our mini-vacation was COVID interrupting our plans. Matt and I were definitely hesitant and a bit scared to travel during that time, but we figured if we took our own food, and ordered food to go, and practiced social distancing we would be safe. I mean, how many people can you see who you’re assigned to a cabin all by yourself. To be honest, Matt had worked so much during this time that I could tell he needed a getaway (haha, see what I did there). What better way than literally not doing anything?

The first thing I noticed when we were getting closer was how fast we were losing reception. We drove through narrow rodes of the Hill Country and finally hit the gravel path to lead us to our spot. I recommend downloading your map beforehand because we couldn’t get on our phone if our life depended on it. Which was the point of the whole trip right?

Upon arrival, we scooped the whole place and figured we needed to get food before sundown. I mean, each night is pitch black. If you didn’t have a flashlight, good luck. We made our dinner there, had some smores, and we were ready for bed. Not going to lie, I was missing my little Eloise. The next day we went through a little trail, and explored the city of Wimberley. We shopped around and got some food. Here are some restaurants we recommend: The Leaning Pear, Community Pizza and Beer Garden, Sip! On the Square, Mima’s Kitchen and Wimberley Cafe.

Wimberley is such a cute town. It is small and pet friendly and they have an HEB! I mean, cmon, what more do you need?! The restaurants were so good and most of them had a patio, which is perfect for a summer day. Everywhere we went, we wore our masks and used hand sanitizers. I felt completely safe and by the end of the trip, I accepted this was going to be the new normal for a while. We will definitely go back soon and experience the place with our dog, Eloise.

Look at this dreamy bed!

Love all the details inside the Getaway House!

Matt brought his Chemex and the whole cabin smelled delicious.

We walked around the designated trail.

Loved the views!


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