Announcement – I’m Going Bilingual!

Announcement - I'm Going Bilingual!


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Fun fact, Spanish was actually my first language. I did not learn English until I was in daycare. After daycare, the elementary school I was at consistently placed English speaking classes, no big deal right? I was an English speaking expert! Well yea, except when I moved to a different district, I was placed in an ESL course for a year. Honestly, I remember the courses I took and really enjoyed them. High school came along and I decided to take Spanish as my language class. I learned how to properly conjugate words and even a bit of literature. I told myself I did not want to lose my native language for anything. Recently, I feel like I’m losing my Spanish skills, and because of that, I’ve decided to practice it even more. I will now be blogging in Spanish and English!!! Each language will have its own post, so if you speak English, you will find the post in English, if you speak Spanish, you will see it in a separate post. Writing is difficult though, so if you start reading my blog in Spanish, do not judge me!

I’m so excited y’all!!!!

Announcement - I'm Going Bilingual!


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