Current iPhone Obsessions

Current iPhone Obsessions

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I’m going to do something different on the blog today! Find out what my emergency contact when my phone breaks down and favorite iPhone accessories.

***Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by CellSavers and the Casery, all opinions are my own. 

Has your screen ever cracked? Well, mine did for the very first time since I’ve ever had a phone! It was so tragic… I was at a wedding and we were waiting for the bride and groom to exit the building, well, my hands were too full, and bam! my phone falls face down. Literally everyone was silent and I was just waiting for someone else to pick it up. As you see below, my phone was completely cracked! I contacted CellSavers and they fixed my phone instantly- a representative arrived at my house and repaired my phone in 30 minutes! He also gave me a complimentary screen protector (something that I probably should of had). So, if you’re super busy and don’t have the energy to drive, wait, and waste time, check out CellSavers!

Houston residents: get $10 off for any service by going to this link and use promo code: vip10.


Current iPhone Obsessions

After: Current iPhone Obsessions

I wasn’t too fancy on cell phone covers until I discovered the Casery! They have every type of case for your iPhone and Samsung. I think the best part of this brand is they cater to any style, both men and women! Also, they’re price point is not ridiculous, so you can literally buy 2 or 3 without hesitating or hurting your bank account.

I’ll be having a giveaway soon on Instagram! So stay tuned!

Current iPhone ObsessionsCurrent iPhone Obsessions Current iPhone Obsessions

What do you think? What are your favorite tech essentials?

Photographer: Matthew Daniel


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