GUYSSSS Matt and I just created our wedding hashtag and we LOVE it. Man creating the whole hashtag thing has been a pain in the booty. Because it is super late, for me at least, and I have a sudden burst of energy, I decided to create a post on our wedding hashtag – #DangItFeelsGoodToBeADaniel.

Since the first week of our engagement, we have created an endless list of hashtags for our wedding… I mean, it’s the thing to do!!! We literally even thought of the most generic thing we could find #MattandWendy.. taken #MattWendy2019… boring. I even looked through the free wedding generators, although this is an amazing resource, I didn’t care for any of them. booo. If you’re my Facebook friend, I asked y’all for suggestions too.

I had finally given up on finding the “perfect” hashtag and I created, #HeyWendyWeds, just for fun. I was content with keeping this tag until we had one as a couple. (Side note, I am going to keep that hashtag.)


Matt came over today to talk wedding logistics, because, duh. So we had dinner, looked up things and I randomly popped the hashtag conversation, for the hundredth time. I suggested a random, yet relevant hashtag and out of nowhere, Matt says it, “#DangItFeelsGoodToBeADaniel, you know like the rap song?” I thought it was clever and cool. Finally, we were down to two! Matt immediately FaceTimed our friend, Jordan to give us the final verdict and blessing. She was having dinner with her husband and Matt’s best man. The three of them unanimously liked #DangItFeelsGoodToBeADaniel. From there, we adopted our wedding hashtag! Thus the beginning of #DangItFeelsGoodToBeADaniel.

Photographer: Carrie Rogers Photography


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