Do’s and Don’ts Of Eyelash Extensions

Do’s and Don’ts Of Eyelash Extensions

Last week I got a complimentary lash extension set from Amazing Lash Studio in Sugar Land. I’ve been wanting to get them done again for a really long time, therefore getting them on was super exciting. Since I have done them once before, I thought it would be perfect to to share some do’s and don’ts on eyelash extensions:


DO take all of your face and eye makeup off. Going in with your makeup results in having to remove it at the studio which constrains the time you have with your lash stylist. Since most places are appointment only, you are probably taking up time for the following ladies after you too.

DO research your lash stylist beforehand. There are many ladies and gents who have more skills than others, ask the receptionist to help find the best one for you. When I called, I was super confused so the receptionist recommended her own personal lash stylist. I’m so glad she did!

DONT go in with a negative attitude. OMG, right when I went in to my appointment, a lady was complaining about her lashes and she was expecting the worse! I know, it is a scary experience getting your lashes done, especially if it is your first time, but can you imagine having to go in there expecting the worse? Well anyway, the other lady and I were done at the same time and all she did was compliment my set, and called herself ugly… no no! Everyone there tried to console her, and in the end, she became a member to the salon. (Which had me scratching my head in confusion.)

DO get comfortable once you settle in your room. I wore a tee and shorts with my favorite Birkenstocks. Once I got to my room, I took my my shoes (lol) and pulled the blanket over me.

DONT freak out! Well, it has been around a year since I got my lashes done, you can say I was a newbie. My eyes were definitely fidgeting when I was getting my eye patches on and all I needed to do was relax. SMH. Also, you can fall asleep if you want to!

DONT wear makeup, oil-based product, or add water to your eyes for at least 48 hours- ah! I failed at this, especially since I had my Hey! Wendy Vanessa Turns Dos party afterwards. Did you know you didn’t have to add anymore mascara or curl your lash extensions? Lol I’m a bimbo for thinking you could do both of those things.

DONT try to pull the extensions… you know you are PAYING to get them on right? Most people think your lashes get weaker and fall off because of eyelash extensions. Of course this happens- because your picking at them!

Will I do them again? I’m not exactly sure, Amazing Lash Studio has an amazing membership program where you can go on a monthly basis to get them refilled at an affordable rate. I REALLY like that idea. For now, I will just put them on only for special occasions, I will for sure become a member one day, just not right now. Also, the introductory rate is crazy inexpensive and probably the best deal you can get… $79.99 for your first set, and refills are even less!

Oh! I have to give them a shoutout for generously gifting a free set to an attendee at my blogger party! Thank you Amazing Lash Shadow Creek!

Will you try on extensions?



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