How to Find the Right Overalls

How to Find the Right Overalls

Hi, everyone!

I’m so excited to share my first ever pair of light blue denim overalls! I feel like such an amateur when it comes to fashion and style. There are a lot of firsts here- my first drop waist dress, first eyelash extensions, first facial, first OTS… the list goes on! Dang. Thanks for following my journey!

Finding the right pair of overalls was quite difficult for me. I have gotten a couple of pairs and returned them just because I hated how they looked on me. Then I realized, there are many types of overalls. So instead of finding the “perfect” pair, I decided on looking for my favorite type. This is how I found my favorite pair.

I wanted to look for the classic overall pair, so I sized up. I did this because I intentionally wanted the pair to look baggy from the front and the back. The next thing I did was look for the perfect wash, light denim was the no-brainer for me. Finally, the most important factor was how heavy the denim would be. I think it’s hard to find a pair of overalls like this, most are heavy and it gets hot too fast! The final step was to search for the perfect pair. It took me 4 overalls to find what I was looking for. Out of the 4, I kept two, the ones pictured below and another black denim pair.

Styling the pair was a different challenge, but not really. Here is why. I decided to go with a white top. Classic right? From there, I accidentally stumbled on this look that I have on the blog. In the fitting room, I wanted to try the off the shoulder top and the overall bottoms were already on! So there, this look went great all together! Easy! I mean paring the top and overalls, but not finding the overalls. Other easy ways to style them: with a bralette, tank top, crop top, strapless top, oversize t-shirt with an open front, and more!

I highly recommend the Jaime Women’s Overall and the the Dobby Off the Shoulder Top from True Religion.

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Overalls: True Religion c/o // OTS Top: True Religion // Heels: Poppy Clothing



***Disclosure: I received products in exchange for a review, all opinions are my own. 

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