Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide 2017

OMG. If you are like me, you are only halfway through Christmas shopping right now. Side note: Matt has helped shop too, therefore, I would not have made a dent on my list without him. Well, here are some creative ways you can shop for your loved ones without having to stress.


This gift is a classic, I actually had a couple of perfumes on my Christmas wish list. If you do not know which perfumes to get, here are my current favorite:

Salvatore Ferragamo UOMO Eau De Toilette Pour Homme (Sponsored) My dad smelled this fragrance and he immediately loved it. He actually loves collecting really good perfumes. Honestly, he mayyy be getting UOMO as a gift.

Dolce and Gabbana The One Eau De Toilette (Sposored) This fragrance is my absolute favorite. If you like GOT, then you have to get this. Emilia Clarke is actually the brand representative for The One!

Dolce and Gabanna Light Blue Eau Intense (Sponsored) I feel like Light Blue is a classic perfume. It has been around for many years and the collection seems to never go out of style.


Granola is seriously my favorite breakfast food and snack! Gray Gardens collaborates with local coffee shops and boutiques to create a unique granola blend. The newest granola, 5 O’Clock, made it’s debut at the Girl Crush Market this November and it has been a hit at the markets this holiday season. No one expects the granola to be quite so savory and everyone points out a particular spice they notice. As they snack on it some more they start to notice more spices, it’s such a layered flavor and of course SO GOOD.

I feel like you can get creative with this. Buy really cute bowls, maybe two, and get a bag of 5 O’Clock from Gray Gardens and honestly, you have the most creative gift anyone can ever ask for.

Find the 5 O’Clock at Birch Modern Mercantile on Fountainview or on the Gray Gardens site.


Ok, I kill all my succulents, not on purpose of course. But for the plant loves, giving them a custom terrarium is a perfect gift. You can buy the supplies and succulents yourself, or you can get some from Sun and Moon Succulents. Contact Sydney if you would like to get your last minute succulents.

Sun and Moon Succulents also create floral and succulent arrangements for any kind of event- wedding, showers, and more! You can request things like hair pieces to flower walls. Check them out here.


I actually do not like coffee. I mean, I’ll drink it, only if I’m really tired. But Matt lovessss it, so I feel like I have a general amount of knowledge of what good coffee is.

Go to Greenway or Black Smith and buy a bag of coffee beans, and then head to Anthropologie and get yourself a letter mug. Easy, and creative!

Gift Card

If you are shopping for a fashionista, I would recommend you buying her a gift card to Poppy Clothing. This shop has the cutest pieces at a fair rate for a teenager or young adult. Many believe that giving out gift cards is a copout and a non-creative way to gift. I believe if a person really loves a boutique, then a gift card is a great resource!

Eyelash Top


Bonus: Stocking Stuffers!

Head to Cacao to grab last minute stocking stuffers! Cacao is a place filled with international treasures! You can find many things here- international goodies, travel essentials, clothes, and even Poo-Pourri (don’t judge me, you know you use it)!

Hispanic Finds at Cacao!


*** This post has sponsored content and contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own. Thank you so much for your support!! 

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