Malibu Wine Safaris Tour

Malibu Wine Safaris Tour

Once upon a time, Matt and I visited Malibu Wine Safaris and took a tour! Follow along to see our mini adventure.

We decided to get the Explorer Tour- this included a 90-minute tour around Saddle Rock and we got to pet and feed a couple of animals. I opted out of the Giraffe Tour, where you get to meet Stanley the Giraffe, because I didn’t feel like meeting the giraffe lol. Stanley is quite famous. He has been in a couple of movies, one being the Hangover 3, where he tragically got his head cut off in the opening scene… These tours book quickly especially if you want a noon tour, so we got our tickets 2 weeks in advance.

There is a safari truck that takes you to different locations. Beware, wearing a mini dress is not recommended because you literally have to climb to get on. See below photo.

Malibu Wine Safaris Tour

Matt wanted me to pet this donkey. I was afraid he was going to bite me or something. He didn’t… all is well. Malibu Wine Safaris Tour

The views are incredible. Malibu Wine Safaris Tour Malibu Wine Safaris Tour

Malibu Wine Safaris Tour

Michelle O’Llama, Llama Del Rey, Yak Efron, and Justin Zeber are just a couple of animals I got to meet or feed. Guys the names of the animals at Malibu Wine Safaris are hilarious!Malibu Wine Safaris Tour

Malibu Wine Safaris Tour Malibu Wine Safaris Tour

Attention Bachelor and Bachelorette fans! You get to peak at the Bachelor Pad from here! It’s in the frame on the middle left side. Let me know if you can see it too. Colton was probably filming his season too. Oh, we also got to see where Rachel filmed her episode with Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis.

Malibu Wine Safaris Tour

Our tour guide was a self-proclaimed professional IG photographer so we had a mini photo op. Malibu Wine Safaris Tour

Matt and I enjoyed this trip and really recommend it for anyone who wants to enjoy a wine tour in LA!

Photographer: Matt Daniel


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