Meet Eloise the Great Pyrenees


I don’t think I have introduced y’all to our newest family member… Eloise the Great Pyrenees! Literally it’s been a whole YEAR since she came into our lives. The first couple of months were rough – adjusting to a new lifestyle, training, and revolving your life around a pup is not easy. Adjusting to a Great Pyrenees is not for the first-time dog owner. Now that it’s been a year, she is well adjusted living the best life any pup can ever have.

Eloise is a year and a couple of months and 80 pounds! She loves belly rubs, attention, giving hugs, and did I mention attention?! She is also super stylish like her mom – wearing Madewell bandanas, and only the cutest accessories. She loves me a little more, but only obeys Matt lol. But who are we kidding, she only listens when she wants to… Eloise loves playing her her pup friends and meeting new doggies at any dog park. She protects us with her ferocious bark and I know her goal is to make us feel safe and loved <3

She’s our little big girl and honestly, if a place is dog friendly, you will see her pretending to be my lap dog.

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