New Age Resolutions

I’m turning 22 y’all.  As a happy birthday to me, I will give myself 22 New Age Resolutions.  These 22 resolutions are reminders to myself; I’m telling myself, “I am young, and the world is my oyster.  This is just the beginning of life.”  I hope to encourage you as I do so to myself.  Remember, everyday is a new beginning, no matter what occasion.

  1. Learn. Learn. Learn-  There is nothing more important than developing your mind.
  2. Read more-  I love reading. But when life happens, this activity is in the backburner.
  3. Be creative-  There is a creative side in all of us.
  4. Do not give up-  As sad as it seems, I tend to give up on myself a little too much.  There is nothing worse that.  I want to be my own encourager before I am an encourager to others.
  5. Believe in myself-  There is so much potential in me.  Confidence is key.
  6. Say no to negativity- Life is short.  The end.
  7. Talk less, listen more  I want to be known for having a listening ear, not a gossiping mouth.  I want to be a reflection of Christ.
  8. Learn to cook-  I’m kinda getting tired of eating out and using the microwave.  It is time for me to grow up and learn to make some good food! (Recipe suggestions anyone?)
  9. Learn to bake-  I always see people baking and sharing their delicious creations.  I admire that!
  10. Be smart-  Study hard, play hard.
  11. Search for God-  Life happens, but I cannot forget that without God, life is inexistent. God is such a gentleman- He waits patiently for you; He forgives you; and He loves you.
  12. Save money- One of the best decisions I have made was this very same thing.  Of course, I am not a master of this skill, but I I want to strive to be financially smart and perfect this trait.
  13. Be humble-  There is nothing more heart wrenching than seeing great talent go to waste by a foolish mind.  No one is greater than anyone else.  God made us uniquely, and for a reason.  We are made to glorify Him, not ourselves.
  14. Ignore the whispers-  People are mean.  People are jealous.  People are insecure.  People have nothing else to talk about.  So, ignore it.
  15. Be fashion oriented-  I love clothes.
  16. Be confident-  Girls can be so insecure… so can guys!  But when people are confident, there is a different persona that you bring along.
  17. Love my family-  We laugh, cry, fight and smile together.  At the end of the day, all I have is family.
  18. Embrace my culture (and others too!)-  One of my petpeeves are people who are ashamed of their roots.  I want to bring whatever my Hispanic heritage has and take it along to generations to come.  In return, I want to learn about different cultures!
  19. Be clean-  I enjoy a clean room, but do not enjoy the process of it.  Someone has to do it!  Yes, it will be me.
  20. Be health conscious-  My body is not a trashcan; therefore I should not be dumping trash into it.  It’s easy to say, hard to do.  A healthy body is a happy body.  A hapy body is a happy mind.
  21. Travel the world- The world is beautiful.
  22. Love-  Show love to myself and show love to others.  Show people God’s never-ending love.  I want to express love through my actions.

What are your resolutions? What do you wish to remind yourself about?

– wendy



    • Wendy
      October 24, 2013 / 5:37 am

      Thank you!!

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