Packing Tips

Packing Tips

When it comes to traveling, I used to overpack, actually, I may still overpack, but definitely getting better. I really enjoy the process of packing and creating outfits when I travel. It’s just a different way to express yourself and the planning gets me really excited. Here are some of my packing tips to have really fun outfits on your next trip.

  • Don’t last minute shop. I mentally start preparing the moment I know I will travel. This means, everytime I step into a store I look for outfits that would be cool to wear. Trust me if you are shopping the week of, you will not find anything, I’ve seen this happen to many times. Guys, I already have my honeymoon outfits ready and it’s still 3 months away. It may sound crazy, but it’s one less thing to worry about. This method may not work for everyone, but it does for me.
  • Bring 3 pairs of shoes
    • Walking shoe – your walking shoe should be comfortable enough for you to wear during the day, it can be closed toed or a sandal, just know that this shoe will be your “go to” pair. A great example is a Birkenstock.
    • Night out shoe – this will be your elevated heel, for your night out or to take pictures in. I would say a black heel, bootie, or wedge depending on the season and outfit choices.
    • tennis shoe – this depends if you will workout, hike, or need as an alternative to your walking shoe. I take my Nikes or APC’s.
    • Bonus: slippers – ok so I always take a chancla to walk in the hotel room, because it’s kinda gross to be barefoot anywhere outside your home.
  • Get creative. Wear the outfits you don’t usually wear, hence this set. I saw it on my friend’s IG and I contemplated getting it for myself for WEEKS to get it or not. But heck, no one knows me there and I like to get creative with the things I wear, so why not!?
  • Shop your closet. What do you NOT need to buy? Of course, it’s fun to shop new things, but don’t neglect your out closet. Jeans, jackets, sleepwear, etc.. are definitely things you do not need to be buying. Is there an outfit you wore forever ago that you probably will look great in?
  • Eliminate what you don’t need.
    • You don’t need two of anything – two pairs of jeans, two jackets, two sleep sets. The only exception is if it’s completely different, or you know you need it for an outfit.
    • You can pack an extra outfit, but don’t plan for more than that.

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