Palma Romper + Online Shopping Tips

Palma Romper

Hey, everyone!

I remember when I saw this romper the first time and I thought it was a dress. Honestly, I LOVED it even more when I found out it was a romper. I know, it’s billowy and oddly shaped, and to be honest, you can actually wear this out and use it to it’s most potential. For example, I wore the Palma romper to a baseball game and I’m planning on wearing it as a swimsuit cover for my mini vacay that I have coming up… Stay tuned for that post!

I was reading the reviews on the romper, so I have to say, beware. The Palma romper has mixed reviews, some people, like me, love it, others don’t. Since this romper is risque, I wanted to give you some online shopping tips when you’re shopping!

Some shopping online tips:

  1. Look for “real life” pictures on the site. When shopping online, I always look for pictures posted by people. Some sites have a carousel on the bottom of the page displaying the customer’s looks. Most of the photos are going to be from bloggers or edited in a super fancy way, but you can learn a lot from the photos.
  2. Find online promotions and sales. I do this all the time! What I do is google the store and type “promotion” and see what comes up. I’m not cheap, but if I can get something for $10 cheaper, then why not right?
  3. Learn the company’s shipping time. Some company’s that I shop for will send their item’s asap, and I receive products in a week or less. Other times I have to wait a long time. It’s always good to know how long an item will take from ordering to it coming to your house.
  4. Subscribe to their email list. Yea, it’s tedious to constantly receive an email twice a day. But when you receive these email’s, you know when the sales are and when new items are shipped in.
  5. Do your research. Read the ratings! Google it. Find it on YouTube. Find the hashtag. Anything. I always do this for every item I purchase. I just don’t want to waste my time returning anything. Or keep it in my closet for eternity.

What are your tips when shopping online?

PS- This purse is from Urban Southern! Type wendy15 to get 15% off from any leather goods!

Palma RomperPalma RomperPalma RomperPalma RomperPalma Romper Palma Romper Palma Romper Palma Romper

Get the look:

Photographer: Matthew Daniel


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