See You Next Year Rodeo Houston!

Rodeo Houston

Matt and I had a date night at the Houston Rodeo!

Ever since I was young, I was completely in love with the Rodeo. Way before my family went to the Houston Rodeo, my grandma and mom would create the best rodeo attire and we would go watch the toros in the Mexican version of the rodeo, afterwards, we would enjoy bands like Bronco and Pedro Fernandez. Somehow we would go backstage and meet the band and artists. We then began going to the Houston Rodeo and it became my Christmas. As a teenager, I would go to the concerts, go extra early to watch the Rodeo, hover around my extra large turkey leg, and get on the same rides over and over again. And now, I enjoy it with my friends and the ones I love.

*** This post is sponsored by Rodeo Houston, all opinions are my own.

Here are a couple of reasons why I love the Houston Rodeo.

Shopping and Rodeo Merchandise! I love looking at the local artisans latest collections and sometimes, I even take home a couple of goodies.

Rodeo Houston

Rides! Whether you are in love with the scariest rides or a weenie, like me, there is a ride for you! Most of the times, I get a mini heart attack before getting on any ride, but I leave feeling really excited and full of life.

Rodeo Houston Rodeo Houston

Games! For the most part, I love watching people play games, but when I play, I get super competitive, and won’t stop until I’m the winner (or in some cases, until the tickets run out).

Rodeo Houston

Matt won me the cutest pink llama. Unfortunately, Britney took it from me and sleeps with it every night.

Rodeo Houston

The hardest part is carrying all prizes after winning. I somehow stuffed three of the four animals in my purse.

Rodeo Houston

Food! The Rodeo Houston has so many food options, and most of them are fried. On this trip to the rodeo, we had fried cheesecake, turkey leg, and a corndog. It’s actually a surprise that we didn’t get more food!

Rodeo Houston Rodeo Houston Rodeo Houston

Overall, I love that friends and family get together to spend a couple of hours together. We all pull out our best version of western wear and are proud to be Texans, but mostly proud of being Houstonians. What do you love about the Houston Rodeo? Are you counting down the days just like me?



*** This post is sponsored by Rodeo Houston, all opinions are my own.

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