Why You Need A Photo Booth at Your Special Event

Hey! Wendy Vanessa

Matt and I were hesitant when it came to having a photo booth. We had plenty of reasons not to – does it fit our theme, will people enjoy it, we already have a photographer capturing every moment. There were plenty of excuses we gave ourselves for MONTHS.

I had contacted Zayda from HTX Photo Booth when we first got engaged, I was so excited, I jumped the gun and went straight to the details. Unfortunately, after thinking about it, Matt and I thought it wasn’t going to be a good idea to provide a photo booth for our guests.

Months went by, planning and wedding talks were always in the air, but the photo booth was not. Literally, about a couple of weeks before the wedding, we went ahead and booked HTX Photo Booth. Zayda was super professional and made sure to ask all the appropriate questions needed, and more! We got a backdrop of our choice, custom photo prints, and an unlimited amount of prints for our guests. After the wedding, HTX Photo Booth provides all the photos digitally for you to download.

So on the day of the wedding, the photo booth was a HIT! Yay! Whether it was standing to take a serious photo, or grabbing all of the props, guests of all ages had fun with it.

  1. Livens up the party – in those moments where your guests are waiting for their food, or if there was a lull in the evening, the photobooth is there for entertainment.
  2. Lots of laughs – looking back at all our photos, I seriously laugh out loud.
  3. Gift for your guests – as a “thank you” gift to our guests, we decided the prints would be their gifts. (Technically, it’s saving you $$)

It’s important to have great attendants running the photobooth. I hate when I feel rushed or being a burden when taking photos. Zayda and Allen were super professional, extremely kind, and laughed with us.

Check out some photos:

Hey! Wendy Vanessa Hey! Wendy Vanessa Hey! Wendy Vanessa Hey! Wendy Vanessa Hey! Wendy Vanessa Hey! Wendy Vanessa Hey! Wendy Vanessa Hey! Wendy Vanessa Hey! Wendy Vanessa Hey! Wendy Vanessa

This post is sponsored by HTX Photo Booth. Contact them for any event!

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