#WhatWendyWears On Sale Steals- Part Dos

#WhatWendyWears On Sale Steals- Part Dos

Alright! Here is Part 2 of the #WhatWendyWears On Sale Steals. Part 1 is here. Next On Sale Steals post will include some simple tips and tricks when shopping on a budget.

I’ve been wanting a wrap scarf for a really long time and finally I found one at a great price. Really, when you wear a big scarf like this one, you don’t have to put much effort to the rest of your outfit… Am I right?? The outfit without the scarf is simple and a big borings, but the scarf LITERALLY makes it all better.

wendyvanessa On Sale StealsWendy Vanessawendyvanessa On Sale StealsWrap Scarf- Dillard’s. Price: $25. • Top- Nordstrom. Price $9.99 • (The rest of the items are from the previous blog series) Necklace- Anthropologie. Price: $14.99 • Vegan Leggings- Anthropologie. Price: $19.99 • Cuff Bracelet- Duo. Price: $9.99 • Booties- DSW. Seen here


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